1950’s NSU Flying Hammock and Feet Forward Design

I am just forwarding this info and I take no credit for any of it. Thanks to those who deserve it.
Also from wikipedia  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feet_forwards_motorcycle.

In the 1950s NSU produced a feet forward fully enclosed monocoque construction
“Flying Hammock” record breaker. The feet forward riding position allowed an
exceptionally small frontal area. The consequent low wind resistance made it possible
for H.P. “Happy” Mueller to achieve 150 mph (241 km/h) from a 150cc engine at the
Utah Salt flats in 1956.

We must consider yet another factor: Seeing the road ahead. The above pics are of a
50cc NSU streamliner, playfully referred to as the “Flying Hammock”. Its designer,
Gustav Baumm riding it while practising on the Nurburgring in 1955, crested a hill,
assuming the track went straight. It didn’t. How could he tell? He was sitting nearly
on the track. Look at the daigram above. The pavement turned and he was killed
as he plowed into some trees.  Baumm was too low to see the road ahead.

Also some pics of a toy by Bandai of which several have shown up on Ebay and sold from $500-$800.

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